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We are opening for 2016 U-Pick beginning September 13, continuing thru early November.

This years  crop is light in some of our close to the store areas which we usually pick early, so we have delayed UPick opening  from our usual  September 1 date.   Starting September 13, we will be open every day, and providing wagon rides (weather permitting) on weekends.  This years crop is lighter than last year specially in certain areas:  close to the store as noted above, and empire and jonagold varieties were hurt by extreme cold weather during April.  Fortunately we are well endowed with Macs, Cortland, Macouns and later varieties like Crispins, IdaReds, Fujis, Spygold and Grannies.
Because some close in areas are lighter, we will probably offer "courtesy bins" during the early part of the season, as we have in the past.

We also present live music for your enjoyment. Midday Saturdays you'll hear country fiddlers
September 17 thru October 15th.  Sundays Robanic plays Reggae Calypso 2 to 5 PM

The U-Pick experience is not for everyone. It is limited to those who purchase our prepaid U-Pick bags.

We do our best to accommodate everyone, and invite you to visit our store, where you can cut and sample all varieties of apples we offer, 7 days a week, all year. For apple lovers, it's really all about the apples, the gourmet cider, cider donuts, and we offer those year round for your enjoyment. Step into our cooler where we keep a wide selection of varieties to choose from!

BTW, for HoneyCrisp lovers, we try to offer them all year. The reason HoneyCrisp is not available for U-Pick is because we are carefully picking them and putting many in the special low oxygen "controlled atmosphere" storage so that we will have them available in our store and farmers markets almost all year.

Best regards,
- Nate Darrow

Minimum purchase at U-Pick:
Per adult:   $10   includes peck bag (aprox. 10 lbs of U-Pick apples)
            Per child (ages 4-12):  $7  includes half peck (aprox. 5 lbs of U-Pick apples)
The half bushel bag (aprox. 20 lbs of U-Pick apples) costs $20, & covers 2 adults or 3 kids for U-Pick.

- Purchase your prepaid U-Pick bags (enough to cover the number of people in your party)
- Fill the prepaid U-Pick bags in the orchard
- Please do not ask to enter our orchard during harvest unaccompanied by prepaid U-Pick bag(s).

During the U-Pick / harvest season, the orchard is reserved strictly for U-Pick customers.

For those not interested in U-Pick, we offer a wide range of products, veggies, baked goods, and varieties of apples available for sale in our orchard store.

We want to thank everyone for their patronage.

- Saratoga Apple
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